Atomical Haze


Atomical Haze is a fragrant strain that conveys smells that range from hot to sweet, and develops into a medium estimated plant with normal yields. This strain is 80% sativa, settling on it a fitting decision as a wake and heat strain, as it can fuel you on and push you to be beneficial with your day. Atomical Haze is a fragrant strain that conveys smells that range from hot to sweet, and develops into a medium estimated plant with normal yields. This strain is 80% sativa, settling on it a fitting decision as a wake and heat strain, as it can fuel you on and push you to be beneficial with your day.
Atomical Haze is a radiant sativa overwhelming plant that is a cross between a South Indian indica and Haze, making a fiery and sweet enhanced bud. This strain was reproduced by the prodigies at Paradise Seeds, and is a sativa half and half that can check in up to 80% sativa.
This excellent plant creates long dim green leaves that is scattered with trichomes and a thick layer of gum. Atomical Haze has an overwhelming fragrance that adds to the smoking background, delivering a propelled and inventively spurred psyche and body high for you to appreciate.
Data about Atomical Haze:
ORIGIN Haze blended with South Indian indica
EFFECTS happy – 10
realxed – 9
imaginative – 5
centered – 5
hungry – 4
Unfavorable REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry eyes – 10
dry mouth – 10
restless – 2
bleary eyed – 1
migraine – 1
FRAGRANCE citrus, hearty, botanical impactful, sweet
FLAVORS minty, nutty, pine, citrus, fiery, sweet, tropical
MEDICAL depression – 10
stretch – 6
queasiness – 4
torment – 4
eye weight – 4
Blooming TIME INDOORS 9-10 weeks
Blooming TIME OUTDOORS late October
CBD % 0.10%
Open air YIELD 12oz/plant
CLIMATE warm and dry mediterranean open air atmosphere
Development LEVEL easy
Protection from DISEASE resistant to basic shape and mold
* 10 is the most noteworthy
* 1 is the most reduced
Atomical Haze positions high on the satisfaction scale, influencing you to feel roused and perky. This fragrant bloom will influence you to need to be dynamic, because of its 80% sativa. In the event that you are searching for a fun night out without getting worn out too soon, at that point you have discovered the correct decision in this one.

This sativa predominant bud will likewise enable you to unwind, particularly if something has been at the forefront of your thoughts – this strain will enable you to throw away your stresses. Atomical Haze will place you in a decent state of mind regardless, and will make them grin throughout the night as you mingle the night away.

Atomical Haze is ideal for specialists who require a little push of motivation – this sativa will have that to offer, and will influence you to need to be more imaginative, while remaining lucid and centered. You can hope to prepare the munchies so be for the sudden surge in hunger.
Atomical Haze has a noticeable fragrance that fans will perceive in a flash. This bud smells exceptionally hearty and citrus, with flower emphasizes. This sativa predominant crossover can be very impactful, and will fill any stay with its smell, leaving a trail of sweetness noticeable all around.
Atomical Haze is exceptional as a result of its minty flavor, with a blend of nutty suggestions. On the breathe in you will see a harsh pine and citrus season on your tongue, while the breathe out will influence you to see its zestiness. This sativa half breed additionally conveys insights of tropical and sweetness.
Unfavorable Reaction
Atomical Haze has some reactions, yet for the most part just when you devour it at a higher measurement. This bud will influence your mouth to feel dry and dries, and in addition your eyes feel dry and bothersome – it is fitting to be prepared with water or pop close-by.

Other unfriendly impacts when smoking this strain may incorporate a gentle episode of uneasiness. Once in a while, when smoking Atomical Haze you might be left feeling marginally lightheaded and in uncommon cases this may prompt you having a cerebral pain for the rest of your high
Atomical Haze is a balanced therapeutic strain that is as of now being utilized generally in the treatment of disposition issue. Patients who experience the ill effects of weakening and repeating misery may discover this strain accommodating in decreasing contemplations of dread and sadness.
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This sativa prevailing bud will keep you up and going, settling on it an awesome decision as a daytime strain. Atomical Haze can help lessen sentiments of nervousness, permitting the individuals who experience the ill effects of constant anxiety and fretfulness to locate a more quiet and more tranquil perspective.

Atomical Haze can enormously lessen sickness, helping disease patients recapture their hunger after substantial radiation medicines. This plant can likewise lessen irritations and eye weight, and is a painkiller, and can be utilized to treat spinal pains, headaches and joint torments
Atomical Haze develops into a medium estimated plant however has the ability to become bigger if given the space outside. This strain develops into overwhelming buds promising a liberal yield, and is anything but difficult to keep up as the plant is impervious to any regular shape and buildup today.
Blossoming Time
Atomical Haze developed inside can yield an expected 9 ounces of bud for each square meter planted. You can expect this sativa overwhelming strain to be prepared to be reaped at around 9 to 10 weeks into blossoming.
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Atomical Haze developed outside can be relied upon to yield a normal of around 12 ounces of bud for each plant. This strain enjoys a warm and dry Mediterranean atmosphere and ought to be prepared for a gather around the finish of October.
Have you at any point smoked or become your own ? If it’s not too much trouble let me comprehend what you think about this pot strain in the remarks underneath.

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