More or Less Orange Hairs?

Having more or less orange hair means more potency or having a better taste? Not necessarily, read more about the facts on orange hairs and see what they actually do for you!

The orange hairs are just the pistils that are meant for catching pollen so of course it would have trichomes on them because pollen needs to stick to the pistils when the pistils retract back and produce a seed or whenever but when you get bud just look at it in the sun, it’s the best light for looking at bud. When you turn it at different angles you should see the bud sparkle a bit. Also if you dont have alot of those pistils (orange hairs) dont worry, trichomes also develop on the bud’s so those can get you high as well.

Its basically a myth when people say the more orange hair the more potent. The varies from different strains, some may have more hair than others. It only plays a role on reproductive, base the weed on smell and stickiness!

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