Up Close Look With Marijuana Buds

Looking up close on a marijuana bud you can examine the fiery orange hairs, the sugary crystals, chuncky knobs eveloped by tiny leaves. Here we will talk more in depth on what these things actually do for you.


A cola is when the buds are growing side by side in other terms, clustering. There are one big cola that grows on the top of the tree while smallers ones grow in the bottom.

Bract and Calyx
Producing the highest concentration part of the cannabinoids of all plants parts. The Bract is the females reproductive part which appears in green tear-shaped leaves that is covered in cannabinoids. Calyx is refered as translucent layer over the ovule at the flower base.

Stigma and Pistil
Stigmas is to collect the pollen from males which begins with white coloration and then darkens to yellow, orange , and red depending on how long the plant is living. Stigmas dont bring much potency and taste to the bugs. Pistil is what vibrant, hairlike strands of pistil.

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