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Marijuana is displayed at The Green House coffee shop in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam OG from amsterdam is a very famous strain that consist of high THC. Similar root from the OG family which is also very famous in North America. Interesting enough, with the same strain, the air and water difference makes this strain have its own unique smell. Amsterdam OG is known to help many patients with backpains and insomnia.

Jamaican Kush is grows naturally in the jungles of Jamaica, this weed doesn’t give you the same strong high that you would get from indoor kush, but this weed can creep on you really fast. Most jamaicans smoke this for pleasure, but as marijuana’s becoming more legalized and trusted as a medicine this strain is used to help Jamaicans dealing with cuts and backpains.


King Kush Collective from Los Angeles, the capital state for marijuana in my opinion. As the weed industry thrives los angeles has had the best strains and most advanced technology before any other country. King Kush collective packs a heavy indica punch when smoked. Perfect for pain reliefs and stress reliefs this strain will put you out to sleep ;). Making its way up to B.C. i found one online store that carries this strain. Ganjagrams (



Death Bubba by Morties is from Vancouver BC. Known for having the best weed worldwide BC is becoming an attraction just for the weed. Heavy indica that literally can knock you out within minutes. This strain is the one everyones been talking about and looking for. With many people buying this strain, this has become very rare to get your hands on. You can check out our online store listings to see if they carry the strains!



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